NEC Phone System


With more than 50 years telecommunications experience worldwide NEC telephone systems are leaders in providing communication solution systems to customers across the globe.

Ideally suited to small and medium sized business for both the public and private sector, their expertise provides applications and systems enabling collaborative working, greatly improved customer satisfaction and increased productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a FREE telephone audit include and how can it help me and my business.

A FREE telephone audit is undertaken on site by one of the Flexicomms team to establish your current set up and to review and   evaluate if savings can be made on line calls. We only need two monthly phone bills to make an evaluation and can often save clients money.

As part of the audit process we can often recommend a new telephone system that is right for your business. The new system can be either purchased or leased. There really is no pressure, we just like to provide advice and guidance and it is free of charge.

What sort of customers do Flexicomms look after, as there are only 2 employees in my business.

We look after customers with just one telephone handset and up to  1,000 handset users for some of our larger clients in the East Midlands and located across the UK.

How does a maintenance contract work ?

We offer flexible maintenance contracts to suit you our customers and we will sit down and agree what cover you need to keep you telecoms operational. We can vary our response times to suit your requirements.

Can I get a good response time on a call back if I have a system fault ?

We always respond efficiently and effectively to call out faults.

Don’t forget to review what our clients say about us.

We will ensure that we deliver against our agreed maintenance arrangement so that you have peace of mind that you fault will be rectified.

What and how will you look after me and my business once a new telephone system has been installed ?

Our team of engineers and support staff offer excellent customer service so you don’t need to worry as we are on hand to help.

See what our customers say.