Business Telephone

FlexiComms can supply comprehensive carrier services in partnership with the main wholesale carrier networks including BT, Virgin, KCom and Talk Talk Business.

Each carrier has a dedicated team of experienced professionals who have been working with UK and international carriers for decades and will be sure to find a solution that meets your business needs.

By dealing with the wholesale network level, we are able to respond rapidly to change and develop bespoke and tactical solutions by carriers, so that the services we offer remain highly competitive in their respective markets.

SIP Interconnect service

As Voice over IP (VoIP) services grow in popularity in both residential and business markets, THUS (telecoms giant) has introduced a carrier SIP interconnect service that enables carriers to interconnect with THUS using IP as the interconnect protocol rather than the traditional SS7.

Using THUS’s Nortel Softswitch with appropriate media gateways, carriers can originate and terminate traffic between the traditional PSTN and VoIP services, handing traffic over as IP.

Key features of the service include:

  • Interconnect with the THUS MPLS core network to pass SIP signalling and call traffic with access circuit bandwidths of 10Mbps or greater
  • PSTN termination of calls passed to THUS across the SIP interconnect
  • Origination on UK geographic or non-geographic numbers and passing calls as SIP calls to the interconnect customer
  • Options for resilient data connectivity
  • Service Level Agreements to underpin the required performance of both the supporting data network and the SIP interconnect service
  • Monitoring and reporting on the performance of the supporting data network and the SIP interconnect service

Carrier Voice Services

While new carriers may be embarking on SIP solutions for interconnect, many other carriers retain SS7 based systems. To serve these carriers, THUS has developed transit voice and bandwidth solutions that allow carriers to reduce their cost base and improve margins. The solutions address carriers operating in most sectors of the market.

The services include:

  • Carrier CPS.
  • Card service operators.
  • UK termination.
  • International termination.
  • UK NTS and PRS services.
  • Number hosting.
  • Bandwidth connectivity to BT switch sites.

Wholesale Reseller Voice services

Key benefits of THUS carrier voice services include:

  • Possible cost reduction on existing infrastructure
  • Flexible and configurable single entry/delivery solution
  • Flexibility of change
  • Reduced incumbent carrier charges in many cases
  • Automated systems ensuring speed and accuracy of set-up and billing
  • Extended network reach without the investment of network build
  • Flexible commercial terms
  • Use of THUS’s coverage and buying power